Four-One project is innovative and responds to 4 key strength points
Technological innovation and originality
It consists of a machine that contains within a single block all main processes of bottling and packaging, so arranged as to enable the management of loading and unloading to a single operator.
The name Four-One highlights this strength point: four in one, i.e. the number of bottling and packaging processes included in the machine: :
empty bottle
empty bottle
with capsule
A hand-fed filler
Integrated line of
bottling and packaging
250 ÷ 900 b/h
Integrated line of
bottling and packaging
900 ÷ 2500 b/h
Adatte a tutti i liquidi

Grazie alla versatilità delle nostre linee di imbottigliamento e confezionamento si possono gestire una vasta gamma di liquidi, tra cui:

• Latte e Yogurt;
• Vino e Liquori;
• Succhi e Soft Drink;
• Olio;

• Uovo liquido;
• Cosmetica.


News and Events:

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