Four-One - Who we are:
The company philosophy is to build machines and plants of excellent constructive quality with low economic impact, offering a product which is designed, developed and manufactured entirely in Italy.
Four-One has set itself the goal of following the market's needs by building equipment  which solve logistical problems, management costs while maintaining high safety in  production process within the reach of all small businesses who want to approach the first automatic packaging.

To better meet the needs of our customers and closely follow anywhere in the world, Four-One S.r.l. has a network of dealers who carry on over than selling service and parts supplying.

At last, project modularity and high standardization has allowed Four-One to provide machines in a short term with the possibility of prompt delivery for standard models.
Core Business
Four in One srls has been founded to serve the market of small bottlers who need a first bottling and packaging plant capable of producing 300-1000 bph, developed in 5.4 square meters. 
The dairy sector is the mainly served sector, for which the project Four-One was born (four stations in one machine) with two models in the product portfolio, MILK and MILKTRONIC (fresh pasteurized milk and yogurt).
Other served sectors are wine, olive oil and detergents.
Quality and Hygenic Design is the common denominator to all models.    

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