A hand-fed filler - MY ONE
The manual filling station FOUR-ONE GRC MY ONE consists of a solid stainless steel frame which is set attached to  the filling unit and the feed pump.

The hygienic design and unique filling system with electronic metering type FLOW METER allows the FOUR-ONE SERIES GRC, to fill easily and safely, sensitive liquid foods, fizzy beverages and creams, alcohol based drinks and oils . The filling part is manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards. The parts in contact with products are stainless steel AISI 316 L the connections used are tri-clover. The plug valves that manage the product flow are of the membrane type. The absence of moving parts in contact with the product and the system of the filling tube in order to carry out the sterilization of the system is easy, fast and completely safe.

Terminals designed specifically for product and density ensure proper coverage without smudging. The doses can be set through a program on  a PLC  in the cabinet on the machine.

Operating of the machine is simple and easy to learn. The operator after setting the format to be processed, inserts the container into the support and using a button or pedal starts the filling cycle.

The machine automatically completes the cycle dosing when this is completed. Using a trimmer incremental or decremental correction may be carried out in differences due to physical variables of the product.
 Size (W x L x H) mm  804 x 600 x 1836
 Weight Kg 100 ÷ 130
 Installed power kW 2,2
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Suitable for all liquids

For the versatility of our bottling lines guarantees to handle a lot of liquids, for example:

• Milk and Yogurt;
• Wine and Spirits;
• Juices and Soft Drinks;
• Oil;
• Liquid egg;
• Cosmetics.


Tank for added jam or aromas in the yogurt.
The machine fills in the first nozzle a dose of jam and in the second nozzle the natural yogurt.


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