Integrated line of bottling and packaging - GRC 8V
The integrated line of bottling and packaging automated FOUR-ONE GRC8V is a compact and modular design that can be integrated to a secondary automatic packaging line (Cardboard boxes optional).

FOUR-ONE GRC8V encompasses in a single block all the sections related to the main stages as follows:

• Treatment of the container (blowing-rinsing-sterilization;
• Volumetric filling system with electronic flow meters without contacts between the bottles and the filling valve;
• Capping turret to apply different types of caps;
• Distributor for capsules made in aluminum or PVC;
• Labeling to apply Self-Adhesive label partial or Wrap-Around.

 Size (W x L x H) mm  3500 x 4000÷2300 x 3500
 Weight Kg 1700 ÷ 2500
 Installed power kW 5/7
 Productivity b/h 900 ÷ 2500
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Suitable for all liquids

For the versatility of our bottling lines guarantees to handle a lot of liquids, for example:

• Milk and Yogurt;
• Wine and Spirits;
• Juices and Soft Drinks;
• Oil;
• Liquid egg;
• Cosmetics.

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